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Dionysus dance classes are a fusion of Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Commercial and Lyrical styles of dance. The classes are fun and energetic and concentrate on dance technique, fitness, musicality, creativity, flexibility, solo work, group work, street performances, stage performances and choreography.  


The 'Jazz Dance' style originated from dances of West African tradition that were brought to America by the African slaves.


Contemporary dance developed during the mid-20th Century, when a movement of new dancers explored unconventional styles.


Commercial dance is often seen at concerts, live shows, corporate events, fashion shows, in music videos and in commercials.


Hip Hop consists of street dance styles performed mostly to Hip Hop music. It contains crossed cultural boundaries.


Ballet is often the core of many other dance styles. It requires many years of training to master this highly technical dance form.


Musical Theatre combines songs, dialogue, acting and dance to communicate a story. 


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz styles, often performed to music with meaningful words.


Wedding couples / wedding parties / stags and hen, workshops available on request. We also cater for corporate events, birthdays and more.